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New Submission Form for TDC Arcade games!
News posted 13th January, 2011 by Jon Lambert  
Hi everyone. How are you? How was your day? What did you have for dinner?

Oh, that's not relevant...

Ahem. Looking to submit something to the TDC Arcade, are you? We'll if so, you've come to the right place, and if not, then just keep on walking. Since some people have been asking about the arcade and whether 'tis done, I've gone ahead and prepared a submission form for arcade games! It's hosted on my own domain, so don't be afraid when it appears that you've left It'll only appear that way because that's exactly what you've done (gotta preserve that bandwidth, folks.)

To submit an arcade game, fill out the form with your user name (the one you use to log in, not the one that displays in the forum, if they are two different things) and information about the game. Then it is simply a matter of finding the .mfa source to your game and pressing the submit button. Once you receive your confirmation, you can know that your arcade submission has been received. Since the page is not on the domain, it can't access the site's cookies, hence why you have to enter your user name manually.

Click here to submit a game!

Update: The form has been updated to allow larger uploads. I didn't realize that these flash files were going to be so large!

Posted by Sumo148 13th January, 2011

good work Jon! I'll be sure to add Pictionary Online to the arcade now
Posted by Marko 13th January, 2011

Ditto - i'll get the music on my entry finished and submit it
Posted by OMC 13th January, 2011

Fair warning--Club is still the only one that can actually put the games up.
Posted by MJK 13th January, 2011

Nice to see the submission becoming a bit more systematic process. Now if you could get it to work without the developer needing to submit the mfa - like the V-Cade used to work - then I'll submit a dozen of games immediately.

Also what would be interesting is to do "TDC Arcade" branded versions (ads, links) of some games and distribute them as widely as possible to drive traffic to the site and gain more players outside TDC.
Posted by OMC 13th January, 2011

Good idea!

Wouldn't be hard at all to make a frame with a logo that takes you to the arcade.

Right now we have to have the mfa to make sure everything checks out and to put in the SECRET DOOMSDAY CODES that will make it work.
Posted by W3R3W00F 13th January, 2011

Sweetness!! Thanks, Jon! I'll submit the updated Overkill.

Once again, huge thanks.
Posted by Jon Lambert 13th January, 2011

You're welcome guys.

MJK, even if we let you enter the codes and insert the frames yourself, this is a regulated, unified interface, so we would need the source to look for cheat codes or other unfair inclusions.
Posted by Dogzer 14th January, 2011

I'll add my text adventure game!
Posted by Strife 14th January, 2011

Woot woot! \o/ I can just imagine putting Super Ecksdee Panic up here.
Posted by Bricnic 15th January, 2011

Definitely going to add my 20 event entry once the competition ends.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th January, 2011

"Fair warning--Club is still the only one that can actually put the games up. "

This process is changing as we speak; soon ALL admins should be able to accept arcade games
Posted by Yai7 16th January, 2011

There's an upload limit capacity. Can't aid you with my game.
Posted by Jon Lambert 16th January, 2011

A) I upped it so your game fits, and B) you already sent it to OMC.
Posted by Rikus 17th January, 2011

My computers power supply broke down last week, had to get a new comp all together..Just re-installing everything now in windows, the old harddrive was still good so did not loose any data.. still a bugger re-installing random stuff you take for granted. should be back in a couple of days folks. Cool updates btw!
Comment edited by Rikus on 1/17/2011
Posted by Ethan7 18th January, 2011

My file size is only 3.7mb, but I still can't upload, I would appreciate it if the size limit was increased again...


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