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News posted 14th January, 2011 by OMC  
Hey everyone! Put your hands together for SortaCore, who donated a chunk of change to the DC! This is how TDC keeps on going, so thanks bubba. That's redneck speech, if'n ye ne'er heard it afore.

If you're wondering why Rikus has disappeared, it's because his computer bit the dust. (Quick, find the Queen MP3s! Dum. Dum. Dum... Another one rides the bus! Ha! Now it's stuck in your head.) Never fear though, I've still gone and found the traditional donation picture! If you'd like your very own thankulatory news post, be sure to give us all of your money by going to the donations page here.

Thanks again, SortaCore!

Posted by Strife 14th January, 2011

Thank you, Sorta. (No pun intended. )
Posted by Dogzer 14th January, 2011

Thanks, kind of...
Posted by Hayo 14th January, 2011

Yeah, thankish
Posted by OMC 14th January, 2011

It seems my plan has backfired.

I keep singing another one bites the dust.
Posted by Marko 15th January, 2011

Cheers dude
Posted by Liquixcat 15th January, 2011

Posted by W3R3W00F 15th January, 2011

Thanks, Sortacore!
Posted by Jenswa 15th January, 2011

Posted by Sgamer8t88 16th January, 2011

Good try OMC but sadly I think more people know the Queen version better then Weird Al's parody.

BIG thank you to Sortacore.
Comment edited by Sgamer8t88 on 1/16/2011
Posted by Yai7 16th January, 2011

I Envy you! I can't let myself using a credit card these days with all the mess I face trough here in Israel.

I must say that I often cherish these who I don't desire on top of these I do wanted!
Posted by MrGoku 16th January, 2011

lol, if I had extra monies, i would definitely donate. thanks for the donation! woot woot! keep em coming!


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