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Two More Donations
News posted 18th January, 2011 by OMC  
Whoa dude, totally righteous. I didn't know I had subliminal messaging powers. Looks like my call for the donating of all your cash monies is paying off! Cha.

Everybody stand up, applaud, and sit down again for UrbanMonk, who donated to TDC!

But wait! Now you must stand up, applaud, turn around, pat your head, snort the Mork and Mindy theme on your nose flute, and sit down for Bricnic, who was also a very nice person and put money in the TDC fund.

Today, most of the transition to TDC's new, better server has been completed. This means donations go even farther! Our most sincere thanks go to you guys.

Click here to donate, lads! Don't make me use hypnosis!

Posted by UrbanMonk 18th January, 2011

New donation image..Nice.
Posted by W3R3W00F 18th January, 2011

Sweetness! Thanks, Urbanmonk and Bricnic!
Posted by Bricnic 18th January, 2011

Isn't it the same donation image? 0_o

Edit: Nevermind- after a refresh I see a distinct OMC touch has been added
Comment edited by Bricnic on 1/18/2011
Posted by Marko 18th January, 2011

Thanks very much guys
Posted by Dogzer 19th January, 2011

Thanks! Sorta...


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