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New Game of the week: Shell Shock
News posted 22nd January, 2011 by Rikus  
Congrats to Steve Harris for receiving the 350th GOTW Award with Shell Shock. The game has been added to the special list of GOTW winners!

Lets put our hands together, well done sir! Now Let us continue on with another round of gotw!!!! You will be able to vote in the menu to your left, woot!

Click here to download today's GOTW Winner!!!!

Posted by Rikus 22nd January, 2011

we Love you Steve, woohoo!
Posted by Hagar 22nd January, 2011

Nice one Steve !
Posted by Hayo 22nd January, 2011

Posted by Steve Harris 22nd January, 2011

Thanks guys. Hayo deserves a lot of the credit too btw!
Posted by Hagar 22nd January, 2011

Nice one Hayo and Steve! (no offence meant Hayo )
Posted by Hayo 22nd January, 2011

Ahh well, most of my work was done in 2005/2006
Posted by Bibin 22nd January, 2011

GOTW? More like GOSeveralWeeks!

Good stuff though.
Posted by Marko 22nd January, 2011

Well done Steve and Hayo, truly great work
Posted by OMC 22nd January, 2011


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