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New Game: Football Live
News posted 28th January, 2011 by Rikus  
For all you soccer fans out there, we got a surprise for you! Johnny Look brings you a great new soccer game to scratch that itch you got to kick some balls!

The game plays very well and has a nice smooth feel to it. So check it out and be sure to leave Johnny with any comments you might have to make the game even better for future versions!

Click here to go to the download page for this game!!!!

And some news for all you twitter and facebook people out there, Clickteam is giving away some cool surprises if you sign up for their Twitter or facebook feeds so if you like surprises be sure to follow them online!

Posted by Rikus 28th January, 2011

I am seeing Green!
Posted by Mark McCauley 28th January, 2011

lol as long as its not red
Posted by Strife 28th January, 2011

Prizes, you say? Do you have a link to confirm this?
Posted by Johnny Look 28th January, 2011

Thanks Rikus !

At first I thought the number was green to fit the screenshot on the right but then I noticed that the number in the #18 post is green too. I smell a consipiracy !
Posted by OMC 28th January, 2011

It IS a conspiracy!


I'd like to echo Strife's request for a link to the Clickteam giveaway.
Posted by Duncan 28th January, 2011

Everyone post games, we'll get to 0 in no time!
Posted by Rikus 28th January, 2011

There is no link, you can just befriend them at facebook or twitter and you shall be entered automaticly.
Posted by nim 29th January, 2011

Posted by Marko 30th January, 2011

Awesome game, simply divine!


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