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TDC Christmas Competition Update
News posted 28th January, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Just a quick post to inform you all that this competition has not been forgotten about! My PC's been in for repairs, and have only just got it back, so I can carry on judging. But we're very nearly there, and hopefully should have the results announced over the next week or so. One of the judges has already finished his judging :)

Posted by Mark McCauley 3rd February, 2011

ITs like its dead and noone wants to talk about it
anyway good luck with the judging guys tough job
Posted by The Chris Street 4th February, 2011

Trust me its not dead, we're still finalising the results. The loss of my computer didn't help as judging was delayed by a week, but we're so close, you could cut the tension with a... knife


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