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Project needs beta playing: Robotic Uprising
News posted 30th January, 2011 by Rikus  
Folks Willy C needs your help! He is working on a very cool new RTS game were you can control a group of soldiers and attack robots who are trying to take over the world! The game is almost done but he needs some feedback before he can releae it.

The game is made in flash so if you have a moment feel free to go to his project page and play the game to let him know what you think!

Click here to go to the project page for this game!!!!

Posted by Willy C 30th January, 2011

Awesome, thanks for the newspost!
Posted by Zi-Xiao 31st January, 2011

The beta link is broken for me
Posted by Willy C 1st February, 2011

I broke it. The game has been released!


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