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New teaser video: Cursed by BlackwolfdaveStudios
News posted 4th February, 2011 by Rikus  
I found a cool new video for a great new scary platform game called Cursed by Blackwolfdavestudios! The game reminds me of Castlevania and we could really use more of those around here so I welcome this game with open arms! The game is being made with Multimedia fusion 2.

Comments from the Author:
A small teaser of an upcoming game developed in multimedia fusion 2 for pc.In the game the player will fight all kinds of demons with the chance of using the habilities of fallen enemies through 16 levels(or more xD) and 5 endings depending on your actions through the game.

Be sure to visit the games facebook page!!!

Posted by HorrendousGames 4th February, 2011

So he ripped the gfx straight from castlevania, added a platform engine, and even has the same basic storyline from the castlevania: harmony series... And he got his mom to read the back story.

Don't get me wrong, it may actually turn out to be good, but he's failed in the creativity department.
Posted by Rikus 4th February, 2011

I will support the guy since it sounds like someone who is having fun making a game. So thumbs up to blackwolfdave, if the gameplay is solid I will play it even if the graphics are ripped.
Posted by HorrendousGames 4th February, 2011

Well yeah, by all means, if he's having fun more power to him.
Posted by Liquixcat 4th February, 2011

Did you just kiss Rikus' ass? Your nose looks heavy on the brown...

Edit: On Topic: If it gets finished I'd play it... but in honesty it looks boring, graphics wise, castlevania series is of no interest to me...
Comment edited by RickyH on 2/4/2011
Posted by Alonso Martin 4th February, 2011

RickyH- D: It drew my attention just because it looks like castlevania
Posted by Ski 4th February, 2011

It looks better than Tormishire.
Posted by Jenswa 4th February, 2011

Won't the graphics be replaced eventually?
Posted by HorrendousGames 4th February, 2011

"Did you just kiss Rikus' ass? Your nose looks heavy on the brown..."

Am I not allowed to agree with his point? I already mentioned the game gets a huge creativity hit for the ripped graphics and storyline. But, if someone is making a game, as long as they're having fun it doesn't really matter to them, something some of us seem to forget quite a bit around here. Plus, his comment made me feel just a bit guilty for taking pot-shots at the kid.
Posted by Liquixcat 4th February, 2011

Something about castlevania graphics always bothered me, maybe it's my attention span, every game should be colorful like Mario.... AND if you can make a mario style game be scary than you are truely a master of suspense! lol

@horrendous: No
Posted by HorrendousGames 5th February, 2011

Well, glad we got that settled...


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