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Who will win GOTW 352?
News posted 5th February, 2011 by Rikus  
When I wanted to make a news post for the next GOTW I noticed that 3 games in the list all had 3 votes! These 3 games have been solid together for the past 2 days now so it is time to break them up! We need a winner folks, and it is up to you, the people who have not voted yet to finally click that vote button and decide!

The games in question are: Run with Gun by Petri A, Wendy by Nastyman and Zombie Arena by Augusto A. Duarte! Check the games out and vote who should win! Of course if you think one of the other games should win you can still vote for those also.

We will post a possible winner tomorrow. Good luck! Be sure to share in the comments what game you think should win!

Posted by AugustoAD 5th February, 2011


Just Kidding. I'd like to win, but surely the other games are really great. Loved Tiny Ninja can't Swim and Run with Gun.

I didn't managed to Play Wendy tho... It seems to be a really cool game.

Well, I'll try to play it again.

Posted by MongMaster 6th February, 2011

I liked them all, but I especially loved Tiny Ninja Can't Swim's movement engine, so that has my vote.

Good luck to everyone!


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