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New Arcade Game: Food vs. Fatties!
News posted 6th February, 2011 by Jon Lambert  
Looking for some Mega/Hyper Jump style action on the web? Love Scotsmen? Are you hungry? Then head on over to The Daily Click Arcade and play Food vs. Fatties by YOMAMA722. It's actiony, it's quick, and it's HUNGRY! For scores, that is!

A bit of description: Ice cream gives you increased points and speed, hamburgers give you basic points and speed, carrots lower your speed, burritos give you a limited fart boost, you'll find special orbs along the way which will change your size, pick carefully, your speed depends on what you eat, eat fatty things to go faster and avoid healthy things at all costs, push the arrow keys to move side-to-side and press m at any time to go to the main menu.

Click here to play Food vs. Fatties!

Posted by Sumo148 6th February, 2011

sorry, i kind of spammed the scoreboards with my name hopefully more people will play so it wont look so bad
Posted by Marko 6th February, 2011

It's a very good game, i liked it

BTW, where are the other Arcade games that were waiting to get posted in the TDC Arcade?
Posted by Jon Lambert 6th February, 2011

I only had time to upload one before work, but Clubsoft got the form done so all admins can upload now. Expect more soon, and keep submitting!
Posted by Sumo148 6th February, 2011

Posted by Duncan 6th February, 2011

oh my god... not THIS game again!
Posted by SortaCore 7th February, 2011

I didn't make or distribute!
Posted by W3R3W00F 7th February, 2011

Awesome! Will give it a go.
Posted by nim 7th February, 2011

Interesting accent.


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