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A Jolly Corpse of a Fallen Angel
News posted 9th February, 2011 by The Chris Street  
If you've been observant in the DC forums lately, you will have come to note the return of users Beau and Riko to the gaming scene. These guys, of course, started the Fallen Angel Industries group ten years ago, which gradually disappeared as its members disbanded and moved onto other projects.

Now though, they are back. But under a new name - A Jolly Corpse. David Walton, aka Texmo has also returned to the group, and a very promising project is in the works called Wyv And Keep. It's up at the project pages here and is worth keeping an eye on.

Also of note is the groups decision to archive some of their old FaIND games. Classics such as Tango Strike, Commando, Machines of Destruction and Seige can all be found HERE. Not all games are there, however. It's good to see these guys back! :)

Posted by Hayo 9th February, 2011

I really hope they will start using original music.
Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 9th February, 2011

Fallen Angel made streambolt, too; if I'm not mistaken. Strembolt desero's in the works by gustav kilman.
Posted by Jon C-B 9th February, 2011

Oh my gosh A Game with a Kitty was the first klik game i ever played!
Posted by Strife 9th February, 2011

Hayo - Yeah, true. If they have problems with finding original tunes, I'm sure there are a few composers around the Klik community that'd volunteer. I certainly would think about it, at least for more action-oriented games.
Posted by Beau 10th February, 2011

We are going to have both original music and original sound effects. No worries there. We're currently screening musicians. Which is going well
Posted by Ski 10th February, 2011

"Screening" lol.
Posted by Chrisbo 10th February, 2011

That's cool they're back around. I remember chatting with I think Riko a while back about street racing and modding cars. Memorieeeeeeessssss...
Posted by Hagar 10th February, 2011

I remember Texmo on here many many years ago... Welcome back dudes
Posted by Jenswa 10th February, 2011

Like it, wanna play
Posted by Ski 10th February, 2011

Most of it looks nice but I still think the sprites look really average/boring designs
Posted by Jesse (riko[fa]) 10th February, 2011

Chrisbo: holy crap I can't believe you remember that dude, that's back when I was driving my girlfriend's 240sx. I'm totally gonna buy my own '93 S13 as soon as I have the cash. Though I do live in NYC now so maybe not the best idea....

Everyone else: Thanks for the compliments and the support!

Posted by ChrisD 11th February, 2011

Posted by Chrisbo 11th February, 2011

What's up man! I almost never come on here, and happened to pop in and see this. I'm closing in on a 330i pretty soon. S13's are pretty sick, I'll be jealous if you get one.
Posted by bernie[FA] 11th February, 2011

That's really cool!
Posted by Hagar 11th February, 2011

I much prefer muscle cars although I have been in a Skyline GTR, which is ace I must say but does little for me. Computerised traction control, rear wheel steering to account for slides etc really make it just go around corners without even trying which is good but not my cup of tea.

This is my type of thing!

V8 goodness
Posted by Chrisbo 12th February, 2011

GTR is one of the most incredible cars I've ever seen, and it's a supercar that's actually possibly attainable for the rest of us who probably won't be able to afford something like a Ferrari. If not for Aston Martin, GTR would be my ultimate dream car....
Posted by Jesse (riko[fa]) 13th February, 2011

Hayo: You'll be pleased to know we've found a musician.

Also, hah! I use bold in comments as well.

Posted by Jesse (riko[fa]) 13th February, 2011

Chrisbo: Awesome. BMW was never my thing... I dunno, I love German music but not the cars... but they do perform like angels, or demons, or something. Whichever's cooler


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