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New project update: Khan Adventures
News posted 17th February, 2011 by Rikus  
Codemonster is working hard on his latest project called Khan Adventures Instead of 2d pixel art the game uses a cool 3d style of graphics. Take a look at his project page for more info and pics!

Click here to visit the project page for Khan Adventure!!!!

Posted by OMC 17th February, 2011

Any idea what the project's being made with?
Posted by Rikus 17th February, 2011

I was wondering about that to, check out the other pics, pretty cool stuff.
Posted by Jenswa 17th February, 2011

Same idea here. Has the original version of "Khan Adventures" been released somewhere on the internet? Can't find it in the author's user page.

Done in some kind of unknown mmf2 extension? Or is it done with the XNA developpers kit? Or ...
Posted by MasterM 17th February, 2011

Posted by Codemonster 19th February, 2011

Hey there guys - Blitz 3D is the compiler used.

Jenswa: The original version was never released, but one time long ago (5-6 years?) there was a preview on this site.

I've since chosen to use MMF2 for most of my 2d work, and Blitz3D for some of my other work. Using multimedia fusion 2 was an easy choice now that the ForEach object has been released.


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