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New Game of the week: Cave of no Return by Anders Andersson
News posted 19th February, 2011 by Rikus  
Congrats to Anders for winning with his excellent 2bit title called Cave of no return The game got a whopping 15 votes and came out victorious!

For the next GOTW it looks like there are a lot of Christmas games in there, who will take the next cup home?

Click here to download today's GOTW Winner!!!!

Posted by MasterM 19th February, 2011

yeh that was a pretty good game. ive voted for it.
when you enter that cave- its 3d rendered, isnt it?
Posted by Steve Harris 19th February, 2011

Nope! Just clever work by Anders
Posted by Jenswa 19th February, 2011

Congrats! It's just 2D plotted I guess ...
Posted by MongMaster 19th February, 2011

Congrats, Anders - well deserved!
Posted by Marko 20th February, 2011

Well done Anders, awesome winner
Posted by Veronica Andersson 20th February, 2011

Very glad for you dear husband!


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