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New Project update: Dragonstorm by MongMaster
News posted 19th February, 2011 by Rikus  
Mongmaster decided to give us a great weekend with his recent project update for Dragonstorm A brand new action game featuring Dragons!! This game is going to be great, how could it not?

This is what Mongmaster has to say about his game: "Dragon Storm is a sh'mup mostly inspired by Jets 'n' Guns, Cyvern and Dragon Spirit. You play as a member of Dragon Storm, an elite group of combat dragons who tirelessly fight against any intergalactic menaces who dare to threaten Earth.

Click here to visit the project page for Dragon Storm!!!!

Posted by MongMaster 20th February, 2011

Thanks for posting this, Rikus - appreciated!
Posted by Rikus 20th February, 2011

No probs, looking forward to it!


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