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New IPHONE Game: Cave Diver Tommy By FlyinV Interactive
News posted 23rd February, 2011 by Rikus  
Ohhh look at this folks, the first ever MMF IPHONE game has just been put on the Appstore by Clickteam (Jeff). The game is called Cave Diver Tommy, and in the game you have to Scuba dive thru a cave collecting treasure and air tanks.

I download the game on my iphone 4, and it started up quick showing a "created with multimedia fusion 2 logo" on the intro page. The game itself is pretty basic but it does the trick to show off that the MMF 2 exporter works! The only thing that worries me a little is, "and I am hoping clickteam can correct me on this", that it did not seem to recognized me swiping up and down with my finger but only when I tapped on the screen would my diver respond, or I would swipe down and when I would let go of my finger the diver would go down. My question would be does the mmf2 iphone exporter recognize "swipes" or only when your finger touches/leaves the screen. It is important since many iphone games use the "finger controller" or swiping feature. Are these type of controls still possible? If anyone could clarify?

On a more positive note the game played nice and fast with no visible frame skips, I was rather impressed with the speed of the overall frame rate, the download of the game was also nice and small. Good stuff! But judge for yourself, you can download the game for free on the app store on the link below!

Click here to download this game!!!!

Posted by Fanotherpg 24th February, 2011

From what I remember, what I notice on the movies touch screen works like mouse, and game looks like it was created on When Mouse Button Clicked (tapped screen) and not Repeat While Mouse key is pressed (swipe).
Posted by UrbanMonk 24th February, 2011

It can detect swipes too.
Posted by Rikus 24th February, 2011

Posted by Jeff Vance 24th February, 2011

Yes you can program any type of swipe or drag you wanted.

I just did clicks to go up or down.

This is just a basic game done as a test to see if Apple would accept the runtime.... Now lets bring on some more advanced games as the beta test gets closer and closer to finished.
Comment edited by Jeff Vance on 2/24/2011
Posted by Rikus 24th February, 2011

That is great to hear Jeff! I am a big Iphone game supporter and I am very excited to see all the great upcoming MMF-Iphone games people are going to create. Excellent!
Posted by Jeff Vance 24th February, 2011

From what I have seen others doing with the exporter it can pretty much do about everything MMF can do*

*Within reason

Andos and Francois have done an amazing job with the runtime.
Posted by Jeff Vance 24th February, 2011

There are 3 achievements you can get in the game.

First 5 people who can get all 3 achievements and send me a picture of the phone showing the stats screen I will send you a Clickteam mouse pad.

Just write your name and address on a piece of paper.
Place iphone on the paper and send me the picture.

Also if you can be gentle on the ratings on iTunes that would be handy. I don't expect people to lie and say its the greatest game ever ... its not.

But its a huge step for all you talented game makers for getting your game to the iPhone. I can't wait to see what you can make with it.
Posted by Assault Andy 24th February, 2011

As the others mentioned, the swipes can be coded by the programmer. It's exciting to see this game up on the appstore
Posted by Rikus 24th February, 2011

The achievement does make me want to come back and play it some more actually. I got 2 achievements so far, the little bugger jelly fish keep killing my air supply, lol. Yea that was a nice surprise
Posted by Kirby Smith 24th February, 2011

Does the runtime support multi-touch (or multiple mouse touches per frame, however you want to think about it)?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 24th February, 2011

Yes, there's a new Multi-Touch object that works like an array of current touch positions and can detect when any touch starts or ends.

It's worth mentioning, too, that that "Created with MMF2" slide is just a picture in the Xcode project that you can customize into your own loading screen, as well.
Posted by Jacob! 24th February, 2011

The new version of TDC better have like buttons u_ u
Major like, here
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th February, 2011

Jeff, Can you test a virtual analog control method I made that I'm hoping will work with the runtime?
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2011

It's also not the first ever MMF iPhone game released. This game was released back in January 2010.
Comment edited by Chris Street on 2/24/2011
Posted by Pisarz Ksiazkowicz (Maciej Janiszewski) 24th February, 2011

Great news! Still... I don't have an iPhone.
Posted by Fanotherpg 24th February, 2011

Circy if I recall correctly Jason Darby (creator of Whack em World Tour) learn himself xcode and programmed game natively in it as an experience how to work with apple and are they OK with only compiling xcode on Mac. He didn't use MMF.
Posted by MasterM 24th February, 2011


Mmf only works on a PC but if I want to make stuff for the iPhone I need a Mac or don't I need one anymore if I use mmf?

Is there any way to test your content before you release it to the app store?

I know I can't just plug my iPhone into my computer - transfer the app and try it.

That's how Android works but not the iPhone.

Also this means EVERY mmf user would have to pay a fee for a Mac developer account? How much is it? I got a free one but the free one is only if you claim you make safari extensions (lol I needed one in order to get wine to work) .

Also I know apple checks every app so how long did it take for you until it showed up in the app store?
Posted by Assault Andy 24th February, 2011


1. You need a Mac with Snow Leopard, and a PC with MMF2.

2. You need to have a developer account with the appstore ($99 a year).

3. Then you compile your game on your PC which can be read by XCode on your Mac. From your mac you can test the game on your actual iDevice before submitting it to the app store.
Posted by Jenswa 24th February, 2011

Erm, read the compiled code with XCode?

XCode is an IDE from Apple meant to compile typed code. Not compile compiled code, it isn't going to disassemble your code.

Isn't it just MMF2 which exports a nice iphone ready binary? And from there go debugging with your iphone or try to get it published in the market?

Posted by Kisguri 24th February, 2011


To Clairfy for you.

A. Build you app on MMF2 on a windows based PC
B. Test it using the build MMF2 Run functions
C. Once happy enough to test on device goto build and MMF2 will create a XCode project, which you are correct is typed code. and all of your assets from the MFA
D. Move the Xcode project to your Mac and unzip it
E. Open the Xcode application and compile the project to the iphone simulator or to your provisioned device

Hope that clears the process up for you!

Posted by Jeff Vance 24th February, 2011

I changed one line of events and now it can move with a swipe. Andos and Francois made this too easy

I will also fix up the splash screen a bit and see what else I can do to make the game a bit better.

Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2011

Ah ok I stand corrected then
Posted by Fanotherpg 24th February, 2011

At least this is what I understood from his CC10 presentation.
Posted by UrbanMonk 24th February, 2011

I took about 4 working days to get this app approved on the app store.
Posted by Jenswa 24th February, 2011

Yup, that explains a lot then.

Swiping really rules on those mobile devices without a keyboard or gamepad
Posted by Xhunterko 24th February, 2011

So, are there any cheap macs?
Posted by Assault Andy 25th February, 2011

Mac Mini is about the cheapest you will find new. A second hand Mac (Mac Mini or Macbook) is another option, but it must run the latest operating system (or be capable of running), Snow Leopard.
Posted by Rikus 25th February, 2011

I got a question, what is the frame size a game needs to be made inside of mmf? Is there a specific size folks should stick with?
Posted by Ski 25th February, 2011

480 x 320 landscape, same but 320 x 480 Portrait.
Posted by Rhys D 25th February, 2011

iPhone 4 supports 960x640 and vice versa, it will rescale the graphics down automatically to fit on 3rd gen iPhones.
Posted by Rikus 25th February, 2011

Oh cool, thanks guys! I did not even know about the rescaling. But it is good to know the sizes.
Posted by Jenswa 25th February, 2011

Welcome to the world of programming for uniform devices Rikus
Posted by Marko 25th February, 2011

Good news indeed
Posted by Jacob! 26th February, 2011

Are we able to make versions of the app in three resolutions now? (480x320, 960x640, 1024x76 It'd look terrible having it scaled.
Posted by Jenswa 26th February, 2011

Scaling isn't all that bad, pixelart can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled with ease and without looking ugly, just don't try a non-integer for resizing.

And even better: scalable vector graphics are made for resizing and are used a lot on iDevices.
Posted by Chrisbo 2nd March, 2011

Pretty cool! Hoping they do an Android export and Windows Phone 7, which is what I have... but this is awesome they're doing this on an emerging platform rather than wasting time on whatever those open source handhelds were a few years back.
Posted by Jacob! 5th March, 2011

There is an Android runtime on the way, this game here is being prepared for testing (although Jeff says it's gonna be more work 'cause you need to download an SDK which Clickteam isn't redistributing, but that's not the point) and it will arrive after the final iOS exporter.

In other news, here is another game that is being worked on for iPhone (Made by DavidN, not sure if he has posted it here before or not)


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