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New Arcade Game: Space Commander: Meteor Attack!
News posted 25th February, 2011 by Jon Lambert  
SO MANY COLONS (really only two, but still, quite a few)! But it's worth all the colons in the headline because we've got a new game in the Arcade! This one comes to you from Marko! It's the next level in his Space Commander series, Space Commander: Meteor Attack! You'll be dodging and blasting meteors while trying to rack up as many bonus points as you can! Do you think you can keep the high score?

A snippet by Marko: Test your reactions to the limit as you attempt to evade meteors in the Space Acadamy training zone. Stay alive to gather points and upgrade your arsenal with a variety of super-weapons!

Get to blastin' and play Space Commander: Meteor Attack! here!

So many exclamation marks (again, only two)!

UPDATE: The game has been updated to version 3 now!

Posted by Ski 25th February, 2011

What's with the shakey,blurry title screen? And I died in 0.5 seconds 'Challenge over'
Posted by Ethan7 25th February, 2011

The blurry screen is obviously for a cool title screen effect, and I lasted 3.4 seconds, NEW HIGH SCORE! I also left a comment on the game's page.
Posted by Marko 25th February, 2011

@adam - i added that to get you talking about it. It worked!

@YOMAM722 - cheers for the comment, i'm uploading a newer version that adresses all the points raised in the comments section
Posted by danjo 25th February, 2011

was this game made in 5 minutes?
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 25th February, 2011

All the bullets do is bounce the asteroids back .

Could do with getting more bullets as time goes on (or does this happen?).

Also needs a bug fixing (if possible) such that not to place asteroids where the mouse cursor is on start up, many times I got challenge over instanteously becuase of this.
Posted by Ski 25th February, 2011

That's it Danjo, post a bitchy comment. Still find that bizzare from a man in his 40's, on a site where the game could have potentially been made by a 10 year old or someone just starting out, if you think its as bad as you make it out to be.

But yeah, way to encourage
Posted by Hayo 25th February, 2011

And at least it doesn't have pacmen, library gfx and spelling mistakes in it!
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 25th February, 2011

I'm making a game about an overweight electrician from Birmingham called Garryio, he likes to wear dungarees. He also has a useless brother called Larryio.

Anyway they get into all sorts of crazy hi jinks, like the Queen getting kidnapped by a turtle and the contents of a salad.

I do not think there is any copyright problems here is there?
Comment edited by DCI Hagar on 2/25/2011
Posted by Marko 25th February, 2011

lol at all this

Seriously, the game plays alot different on computer than it did in it's original form on the Arcade, and i was caught unawares! I've re-uploaded an improved version to Jon that adresses all the (very valid!) issues everyone has raised. And i thank everyone for those points, btw!

Also, no you can't destroy the asteroids. The aim of the game is to use reactions (and foresight) to avoid them. If they were destroyed, the game would be too easy!

EDIT: just played the newer version - it still isn't right. I've noticed that the problem seems to have arisen because "Restart frame" doesn't work the same in Flash on TDC Arcade as it does in normal .exe on my laptop. Version 3, here we come...
Comment edited by Marko on 2/25/2011
Posted by Marko 25th February, 2011

Don't want to edit the above post AGAIN: just sent version 3 to Jon. The issues should be properly put to bed and the game play as it does on my laptop (except the right-button press issue - that i can't change!)

Posted by Jon Lambert 25th February, 2011

It'll be about five and a half hours before the new version goes up; had to uplod a new version while at work!
Posted by Marko 25th February, 2011

No worries, thanks for your help with all the updates i keep sending you!
Posted by Jon Lambert 26th February, 2011

Updated to version 3.


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