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New Project: El Burro
News posted 3rd March, 2011 by OMC  
Deaval's born again-again project El Burro has less to do with donkeys as it does... shrimp.

From the project page: "You play as the former famous swordsman El Burro who has to save a village from being destroyed by pigs to regain his fame and glory... as well as shrimps. However it soon gets out of hand when a certain rabbit gets his paws on a weapon of mass destruction!"

The project is being started again with new graphics, and Deaval would like some input on the image to the right. Click here to visit the project page and do that!

Posted by Deaval 3rd March, 2011

Ah, thanks for frontpage, OMC! ^^
Posted by Ski 3rd March, 2011

Really reminds me of
Posted by Yai7 4th March, 2011

Sly Raccoon? Ain't?
Posted by Windybeard Games 4th March, 2011

Looks really good, Pixel work is very good.
Posted by AndyUK 4th March, 2011

Yes nice pixel art, especially the main character.
The gradient background reminds me of the Amiga 500.
Posted by Ecstazy 5th March, 2011

Haha Adam, I had exactly the same game in mind.


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