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New Engine: EE & Zephni's Kick-Bottom Scrolling Engine
News posted 20th March, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Eternal Man [EE] and Zephni have collaborated together to create a fantastic and easy-to-use scrolling engine, for use in platformers primarily, but can be adapted for pretty much any game genre. It's open source, very brilliant and extremely helpful so there is no excuse to not download it.

Comments from the Author:
"It features a smooth follow-cam, "looking around", scroll-borders and the infamous Metroid-style doors... The whole thing is 60 events, though it's quite improvable and compressable since the events are ordered in such a manner that each feature is easily recognized and removed from the rest. If you intertwine the features you can save a hugh amount of events. "

Click here to view the engine and its comments

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 21st March, 2011

Thanks for the frontpage!
Posted by Zephni 21st March, 2011

Yay =
Posted by Strife 22nd March, 2011

Awesome work, guys!

Now then, let's say we conclude the current GOTW lineup, eh?
Posted by Marko 23rd March, 2011

I agree with the above posts
Posted by Zephni 23rd March, 2011

OOO i just noticed Chris you put 'Zephini' instead of 'Zephni' in the comments, i don't care just thought i'd be picky
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 23rd March, 2011

The great Zephini!

Master of illusions!
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd March, 2011

Whoops, will fix that in a jiffy
Posted by Shiru 24th March, 2011

I'm a bit lost... Is it for MMF2 only ??

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 24th March, 2011

Nope! The zip contains 2 versions, the original (which included two extensions i.e only MMF2) and an updated, TGF friendly, version (using no extensions, but sports a quite awful platform engine). The latter one is my preferred version, seeing as it needs no extensions, uses a bit less events (scrolling engine wise) and shows a nice way to pause movement + move the player during a metroid styled screen-to-screen transition.

But don't take it from me! Download it and see for yourself!
Posted by Shiru 24th March, 2011

Thx for the answer. Actually, I was wondering if it was usable with Construct. But anyway, I'll pass this time .
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 24th March, 2011

There are compiled .exe's in the zip if you're curious about how it looks.


EDIT: Ha ha, I made a headshot-smiley!
Comment edited by Eternal Man [EE] on 3/24/2011
Posted by Zephni 26th March, 2011

grunts headshot!


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