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New Project: Finch Fight
News posted 16th April, 2011 by The Chris Street  
A promising new project has recently been submitted to TDC called Finch Fight. Created by Shawn_S, it plays a little like the retro game Joust, but looks a lot more colourful and pretty :)

Comments from the Author:
"Finch Fight is a throwback to the game Joust, so if you are familiar with that game, you'll be instantly familiar with this. You fly your bird around and hop on an enemy bird's head which smacks it into an egg, then you have to snatch the egg before it hatches again."

Click here to find out more information

Posted by Ski 17th April, 2011

Recent is nearly 2 weeks ago?
Posted by Marko 17th April, 2011

Posted by Ski 17th April, 2011

In terms of news it isn't.
Posted by Marko 17th April, 2011

In your opinion. In mine it is
Posted by The Chris Street 17th April, 2011

My interpretation of "recent" is in the last month or so Besides theres not much else going on at the moment
Posted by Shawn_S 18th April, 2011

Hey that's fine with me lol. I didn't figure this would be on the front page yet since the only thing I have is a very simple test .exe for the collision and movement engine for bug squashing. Think I fixed all the bugs so far that I can find, but people always end up finding stuff I don't. I'm waiting until I have a lot more to it before uploading another test version.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th April, 2011

Hopefully it'll motivate you to finish it, as its looking pretty good


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