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Click Convention 2011 Confirmed
News posted 26th April, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Seemingly, life in the Click Community comes to a standstill during the summer months. Much like the summer games drought, life becomes very quiet.

But not any more. At least, for this year.

The 2011 Click Convention has been announced for the wonderful summer dates of 20th AND 21st August 2011. Yes, it's a two-day event, with the first day dedicated to Clickteam and user presentations. Day two features informal presentations and workshops.

The location is rather a special one. It will be held in Cambridge, United Kingdom, at the Cambridge Union Society. Famous faces have presented here and spoken, such as Stephen Fry and Dame Judi Dench, so we are quite lucky to get this place!

If you're interested in attending the convention, or want further details, a special forum has been created over at Clickteam for this prestigious event. Click here to view the Click Convention 2011 forum

Posted by SToP GAP 26th April, 2011

Cheers Chris

As the man said, dates are announced and all that... if you're thinking of attending please head over to the CT forum and let us know via the poll - it will help us a lot with the planning etc!

Simon (SToP GAP)
Comment edited by SToP GAP on 4/26/2011
Posted by AugustoAD 26th April, 2011

Cool, I'd like to be there, but unfortunately I live in Brazil, I'm very poor, I'm only 14... an my parents would never ever let me go. Ohh, the sadness.
Posted by Hayo 26th April, 2011

Ahh shit, that's the weekend before my school starts again
Posted by OMC 26th April, 2011

For a second there, I misread ahead and thought Stephen Fry was attending.
Posted by Fanotherpg 26th April, 2011

Hayo so will you make it? It's week before it starts, not after

I will be there.
Posted by Marko 26th April, 2011

Ooh, sounds good - i missed the last UK one as i already had tickets to Sonisphere, i think it was. I'll aim to attend this one, just for the hell of it
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 27th April, 2011

I'm seriously thinking of going too, I've been wanting to go since the first one was announced. This time I'm in a better "financial situation" i.e not brokened.
Posted by alastair john jack 27th April, 2011

Yay, maybe they'll announce better rotation anti-aliasing for MMF2!
Posted by Assault Andy 27th April, 2011

MMF3 please
Posted by UrbanMonk 27th April, 2011

Ugh, we need a convention in the US.
Posted by Jacob! 27th April, 2011

This doesn't mean there won't be one. It was never a secret that if there was a US convention, a UK one would still be held
Posted by MasterM 27th April, 2011

if adam comes i will come too
Posted by Matt Boothman 27th April, 2011

Too far. Also, gay.
Posted by Hayo 27th April, 2011

@Fano: not a chance. Being in the Ukay on sunday and starting my lessons on monday would be bats.
Posted by Fanotherpg 29th April, 2011

Plane? It's physible especially that convention day is Saturday and Sunday is more chillout. Give it a try
Posted by SToP GAP 2nd May, 2011

Fanotherpg is wrong - Sunday is not a chillout day. We are planning a range of activities and will post more information in due course.
Posted by Ski 4th May, 2011

I hear the Click Convention is now cancelled
Posted by SToP GAP 7th May, 2011

No, Adam, the convention is not cancelled...
Posted by Hayo 8th May, 2011

I said not a chance. Spending the day with nerds in the UK and being a teacher the next day (rested and with prepared lessons and all) is impossible. I do have my own brain, thanks.
Posted by Ski 8th May, 2011

Its become less of a CC and more of a nerdy Acoders geek gathering.
Posted by Rob Rule 10th May, 2011

If MasterM and Adam come I will come too.

Obviously I'll be going regardless. Can't wait!
Posted by Ski 10th May, 2011

Haha. Imagine that, Rule and MasterM. Very German.
Posted by SToP GAP 12th May, 2011

Wait for posted details of what we're actually doing before you pass judgement eh!!
Posted by Ski 12th May, 2011

Are you sticking Acoders stickers all over the buildings and handing out leaflets?


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