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Various Interviews: Quote-Unquote
News posted 29th May, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Quote Unquote

Steve Cook has been rather busy. Not necessarily making games, but interviewing various individuals for a site called Quote Unquote. The interviews are detailed and in-depth, and have featured various klikkers in the past such as Hempuli, Radix, and now Jon Smeby, also known as the maniac behind the games of Jonny RPG and Teh Forum Game.

Click here to read his interview

Posted by nim 29th May, 2011

I love this website. It used to be mostly quotes, which was great in itself, but he's also recently been posting more interviews. He often tends to seek out game developers who are not "big names" in the indie scene. Playing through ROBMS again after reading the latest one.

Also subscribe to his YouTube channel: for regular indie game videos.
Posted by MasterM 29th May, 2011

tdc should have interviews as well
just saying maybe a new mod could think of that idea
Posted by MasterM 1st June, 2011

btw awesome read. i really enjoy it.


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