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GOTW #355 : Tukkys Christmas
News posted 2nd June, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Well, the battle for the best Christmas competition entrant resulted in, interestingly enough, not the competition winner winning this weeks poll! Yes, Strifes game Christmas Time Heroes was relegated to second place, with Duncan Fenn snatching victory from the jaws of... second place. So give a congratulatory round of applause to Tukky's Christmas.

Now, you may have noticed that we were a bit behind with the poll. Like, for instance, six months behind. But this has now changed! After sifting through all the submissions this year so far at TDC, I've settled on a new poll that covers the last few months, and now we are back up to speed! Apologies if your game didn't make it; I looked hard at each submission and made a judgement call on each one. Commercial games and demos I did not include this time either.

So take a look, see which game from this massive list deserves your vote for this week, and hopefully the GOTW poll will never be in such a shambles again!

Click here to download this weeks GOTW

Posted by Chizuko 2nd June, 2011

This is the true winner of the christmas compo
Posted by Chizuko 2nd June, 2011

the biggest challenge was to not get removed by circy
Posted by Strife 3rd June, 2011

Easy now. That joke's gone past its expiration date. And I think your original post was perfectly legitimate, so there's no reason to fear deletion.

Anyway, TC really was a good, spirited game for the holiday season, so I'm glad to see it get some sort of recognition instead of disappearing into the mist like so many other klik games that have fallen into second place in competitions.

Also, good idea from Circy about condensing all of the best games from the past few months, though I daresay I would have been more than willing to slug forward with all the games of past weeks. At the current rate that new downloads are appearing, it's more than feasible that we would have caught up eventually... buuut this moreorless cleans things up in any case.
Posted by Hagar 3rd June, 2011

I wish the admins would be more relaxed about in house jokes... (plus it's kind of feeding the wind up fire)

Anyway congrats to Duncan and Dogzer!
Comment edited by ..::hagar::.. on 6/3/2011
Posted by johnpow66 3rd June, 2011

congrats on the win...also good 2 see the gotw back up 2 speed
Posted by MasterM 3rd June, 2011

can anyone tell me how to do scrolling like in this game when the reindeer moves?
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 3rd June, 2011

Congrats to ya'll!
And btw, you should remove mine and Zephni's scrolling engine from the poll since it's an engine.
Posted by Muz 3rd June, 2011

Heh, I hadn't noticed that GOTM changed back to GOTW.
Posted by MasterM 3rd June, 2011

"And btw, you should remove mine and Zephni's scrolling engine from the poll since it's an engine. " scrolling engine, eh? just what im talking about
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th June, 2011

wow, now that's a big poll this week. GOTHF (game of the half year) Image or got to have fun!.. or something..

edit: vote for topple ^^ hehe
Comment edited by SoftWarewolf on 6/8/2011
Posted by Chizuko 9th June, 2011

hey, where's my comment? hmmm... was it... removed?
Posted by Strife 9th June, 2011


It wasn't Circy this time, though.
Posted by Chizuko 10th June, 2011

circy, please stop asking others to do your evil biddings!
Posted by Strife 10th June, 2011

Oh yes, the Evil One totally threatened to remove my head from my shoulders if I didn't remove your post. We all know that he's in his Underground Garage of Doom plotting your ultimate demise day in and day out.
Posted by Chizuko 12th June, 2011

lol @ removing your head! that's so circy!


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