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New Preview: Pathos
News posted 11th June, 2002 by Rikus  

In the words of Mohr Stoutbeard: Gasp! Could it be? A game with a well thought-out story, major effort put into it, made by someone with talent? Heck yea, if gameplay is matched with the great graphics and good story line then we have might have another classic here!. Comments from the Author: A few years after the launch of the Tauros probe, America and Japan launched a new version of the NOACH, NOACH IV aka CAIN. The CAIN space station orbits in the space around Pluto and is used for research and military operations. In their endless struggle for more information and technology, America and Japan continually encountered harmful situations. Slowly, the America and Japan were pitted against each other. Click here to read the full preview

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