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Quote Unquote Interview - Alastair John Jack
News posted 15th August, 2011 by The Chris Street  
The rather under-rated and sometimes overlooked (though really, it shouldn't be, it's a fantastically original website) Quote Unquote features a very nice interview with TDC member Alastair John Jack. The Arvoesine author gives an insight into his life as a games developer, and it's well worth a read.

Click here to read the interview

Posted by alastair john jack 16th August, 2011

Posted by Mark McCauley 16th August, 2011

I remember reading this a while back- good show old boy .
Posted by The Chris Street 17th August, 2011

It was only published 2 days before I put the news up here...
Posted by Ski 17th August, 2011

"I used to use Multimedia Fusion 2, but Construct has less limitations and is better designed for what I do."

Haha, because MMF2 can't handle simplistic pixel art platformers?

Dont speak such rot, you once told me you preferred Construct because it was free.
Posted by Mark McCauley 18th August, 2011

like I said ...a while back.
Posted by alastair john jack 18th August, 2011

I own MMF2 Developer now, but for my current project I can't do what I want in MMF2 anymore. (poor alpha support in MMF2 and bad anti-aliasing were the main reasons I can't use it for my current game). But for simple pixel art platformers, yeah I'd recommend MMF2 over Construct for sure.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th August, 2011

Most would assume "a while back" to be a while ago, ie, at least a week ago


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