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New Klikcast Episode 24!
News posted 20th August, 2011 by Rikus  
Episode 24 debuted today at the clickteam convention in front of a live audience!

Join rikus when he tries to visit the convention but also reviews the following games: Cave Diver Tommy by Jeff, Jimmy: Dungeon Escape (Demo) by Aruthaz, Raven by Rob Westbrook, invert inc by Mecha the Slag and Oniken by Danilo Dias and Pedro Paiva Lots of reviews and games to see in this episode, hope you enjoy!

Posted by Yai7 21st August, 2011

I always wanted to go to a convention but I've turned religious the late years... Sad... And the money it would cost to get there... Mostly the cost of money =(

Guess that the last year I turned less tolerant toward others, so it ends that I actually love you more this year... <3, But I still not confident to visit your convention =(
Posted by Jenswa 21st August, 2011

Seen this already
Posted by MasterM 22nd August, 2011

this was actually pretty enjoyable. nice work, mr krass
Posted by Wackyjackie 22nd August, 2011

Great work; great videos, Rikus ;- ).

Posted by Carnivorous id 22nd August, 2011

Thanks for another fun episode!
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd August, 2011

I have to admit, when the video of Rikus wandering around Cambridge and the Union Society grounds was shown, I wondered if it was live... and half expected to see Rikus pop his head through the door. Especially as Simon had to take a phonecall from him prior to the Klikcast
Posted by Hayo 22nd August, 2011

I was secretly hoping the same.
Posted by Rikus 23rd August, 2011

Glad you all liked it and I am glad the intro was successful. I was a bit worried people would notice it from the get go. I did try to perfect in and even went into a big empty room to replicate the inside of the university while recording to recreate the echo. However I do wish I can make it for real at one point would be great meeting everyone in person.


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