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Anaconda Runtime Demo Released
News posted 22nd August, 2011 by The Chris Street  
The always super talented Mathias Kærlev has released a demo of the Anaconda Runtime. It was released just prior to the convention, and is a great alternative to the current HWA runtime. Features include the ability to run on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, GLSL shaders, the potential to develop extentions with Python, and with over 50 ported extentions so far (and it's extremely easy to port them over too with some tiny alterations to their code) it's worth trying it out.

At the convention various Nifflas games were shown using the runtime, including Knytt and Knytt Underground. All were running exceptionally smoothly.

The full version is currently unavailable, but it is finished and expected to retail for $129 USD. In the meantime the runtime demo has a watermark in the bottom left corner.

From the website: Anaconda for Multimedia Fusion 2 is a cross-platform runtime, allowing you to export your applications and games to Windows, Mac and Linux. Since Anaconda uses OpenGL hardware acceleration, it's fast, and makes effects using GLSL shaders possible.

Click here to find out more and to download the runtime

Posted by Assault Andy 22nd August, 2011

Posted by Hagar 22nd August, 2011

This is something I will probably purchase - love the idea of our games on Linux or Mac's as will as Windows.
Posted by Phredreeke 22nd August, 2011

I miss the old K&P days... :/
Posted by Jenswa 22nd August, 2011

Posted by Dave C 23rd August, 2011

cool stuff but.. whats the point of HWA now? it's getting hard to keep up with the runtimes, but I suppose it's mostly awesome news.
Posted by Johnny Look 23rd August, 2011

Neat stuff, easily the best thing to happen in the klik world for a good while.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 23rd August, 2011

I don't get it. You can create a game for mac and linux as well with mmf2 dev. Just export to java for mac or java standalone and it will run on linux. I've done it many times. Why should someone buy this exporter?????
Posted by Willy C 23rd August, 2011

^ Does not run that great, and I don't think you can use HWA with java.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 23rd August, 2011

I don't about HWA. But many apps that I've created for my mac run perfect just from the dev exporter. The truth is that I never use HWA because I don't need it. If somebody is using HWA then anaconda probably works for him.
Posted by Jon Lambert 24th August, 2011

Doesn't the person have to have Java to run a Java game? I don't think you need anything special to run a Python something or other.
Posted by Mathias Kærlev 24th August, 2011

Anaconda will run natively on all the platforms, yeah. You don't need Python or anything else installed. In many cases, Java/Flash are too slow (max 60 FPS? ouch) or too 'sandboxed', which is something Anaconda has no problems with.

In any case, it's free for non-commercial use, so you should definitely check it out (I've heard free stuff is cool).
Posted by OMC 24th August, 2011

Any word on those extensions?
Posted by Mathias Kærlev 24th August, 2011

What about the extensions? The extension repository is here:
Posted by OMC 24th August, 2011

Ah, I was looking in the downloads section, but they're under Source > Browse.

Never mind!
Posted by Mathias Kærlev 24th August, 2011

You don't have to download the extensions, though. They are already distributed with Anaconda
Posted by OMC 24th August, 2011

How handy indeed.
Posted by Dave C 25th August, 2011

Clickteam NEEEEEDS to have a page like that..


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