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New(ish) Game: Joe Snow
News posted 12th September, 2011 by The Chris Street  
A game four years in the making has just been submitted to TDC, although it was in fact released a couple of months ago. Joe Snow, created by JohnsProgram is a remake of a 1991 DOS game and was initially coded in MMF1.5, but then eventually ended up being a BlitzMax project instead. It's well worth a look.

Comments from the Author(s):
""Glacies" is Joe Snow's home planet where he and his folks enjoy the freezing cold weather. Suddenly, the cold quickly turned hot when a meteor shower rained over Glacies! In order to stop the shower, more of the powerful stars -- called the "Power Items" -- must be collected to overpower the meteors. Joe Snow agreed to venture out into space to find more Power Items to prevent the planet from melting and save all lives! In "Joe Snow," you control Joe to collect the treasures to give him points. Collecting points will allow Joe to withstand fire, lava, and acid to get one step closer towards finding the legendary power items! "

Click here to download the game and read its comments

Posted by Ski 14th September, 2011

I honestly don't understand how it was 4 years in the making.
Posted by markno2 14th September, 2011

Because he chose to use BlitzMax, it took 4 years.
Posted by JohnsProgram 17th September, 2011

I had to attend college and work, which both of them are very time consuming and important to complete. So, I had to push back my game constantly because important things keeps on piling up. Glad that's done for now!


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