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Kisguri Interview
News posted 15th September, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Chris Carson, aka Kisguri of Clickteam, has been interviewed for The Video Game Show, a radio program dedicated to... video games. In the first eighteen or so minutes Chris talks about his own games appearing on the Apple IStore, MMF2s ease of use and accessibility, Clickteam in general and its amazing and friendly community, and the mention of a competition!

Click here to listen to the show

Posted by Carnivorous id 16th September, 2011

I'm glad to hear about the new exporters like XNA and Android but this getting pretty expensive. I hope there will be some price breaks in the near future. Maybe a total phone package with iOS and Android or a price break on SWF with the purchase of XNA. If not I'll buy the Android and XNA later. The SWF price isn't that bad though.
Posted by Jeff Vance 16th September, 2011

Its nice that you can just purchase the export modules you need and not be forced to purchase all of them.

We have quite a few users that are turning a profit on the exporters so I think the price point is just about perfect.
Posted by Carnivorous id 16th September, 2011

I'm not saying they need to drop individual item sales. I just want them to offer bundle sets for those who are going to purchase multiple items. If I only wanted one exporter I wouldn't be asking for price breaks.


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