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News posted 16th September, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Something I thought was worth reading is the story of Acoder member SKN3, aka Jon Pittock. Jon has been a part of the Click community for a number of years and is considered, amongst other Klikkers, an "oldbie", the last of a dying breed!

Jon used to work as a web developer, until he recently decided to follow his dream of becoming a full-time independent game programmer. So he quit his previous job and has been working on a puzzle game, the sequel to DeliDash. This game is called DeliStack and is due to be released on iPhone, iPad and Android.

It's an interesting and inspirational read, especially for those who hope to go down a similar path. Click here to view the website, blog and game information!

Posted by JohnsProgram 17th September, 2011

Jon might take offense for being called an oldbie, or old.


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