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Project: Super Panda Adventures
News posted 17th September, 2011 by Rikus  
A new platformer/rpg game is on its way and it will feature a.. Panda! That's right folks Blue66 is working on a brand new game and he is also looking for some feedback. His project page features a cool video of the game with running commentary. Have a looksy and let him know what you think!

In this game you play as the panda hero with his sword or his best friend Fiona. Like in my previous game GunGirl 2, there will be a lot of new abilities to learn and you will have quite a lot of RPG elements to upgrade your character or learn magic abilities throughout the game. Also there will be a lot more platform elements in the game so it will not only rely on fun combat mechanics to keep you entertained.

Click here to check out the project page !!!!

Posted by Dave C 18th September, 2011

looks like fun.. seems like there should be a good mix of action and puzzles.
Posted by QuantumGames 18th September, 2011

D; now this looks like my game Boris the Popsicle, people will think I copied it -.-


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