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Game: Doppler
News posted 22nd September, 2011 by Rikus  
This is a great indie game I found that everyone should give a go. Now the entire vibe Doppler oozes out is pretty spectacular. The game created by Todd Luke has you controlling a meteorologist that needs to collect field samples to figure out why the weather has gone crazy. You do this by collecting little droplets of water that appear on the playing field. However there are many items and enemies that try to stop you from collecting these important droplets.

This is not a large game with only 3 main levels to get through. However every level does try to mix things up a bit and make things harder, you will encounter evil birds and crazy lightning storms. I am hopeful Todd will expand this game at some point. But if you cannot get enough the game does have a endless mode that keeps track of your high score. After you played the game let me know what you all think, sound off in the comments!

Click here to download Doppler!!!!

Posted by Dave C 22nd September, 2011

mmmm didn't really like it, I was curious to see what would happen at the end so I played it through.. it's just so basic.. and not challenging at all. but still quirky and original.. it wasn't a total waste of time.
Posted by s-m-r 22nd September, 2011

I enjoyed the graphics and the style of the game. It's a nice find.
Posted by JayTholen 23rd September, 2011

I dig the graphics, sound, and story progression... buuuut like Dave said the core gameplay wasn't much fun at all.


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