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News posted 23rd September, 2011 by Rikus  
Every Friday I will take you back on a trip into the past. I will pick an old news story that could still provide some use today or at the most some fun! So without further delay lets get started!

News first posted 15th September, 2002 by Rikus

Its time to learn a thing or to about special effects sprites. Ashman made a very well and detailed article about it and its recommended that you check it out. Comments from the Author: There is a regular influx of Klik games going through Daily Click every day. Most of these games have average or below average graphics, but this does not always concern Sprites or Backgrounds. One thing that is often lacking from a games presentation is 'Special effects'. Click here to read the full article"

Ps. If you have a suggestion for another old classic news article, let me know and I just might post it here next Friday!

Posted by Hagar 23rd September, 2011

Good article but as soon as I saw "with Ashman" and "Going back into The Daily Click", I though an veteran had returned.

Alas it is just memorabilia.
Posted by Pixelthief 23rd September, 2011

You know what? This site could use more articles and examples purely from a game design perspective. Stuff to help the community develop their games.
Posted by Hayo 23rd September, 2011

I remember when this was new.
Posted by Hagar 23rd September, 2011

@Hayo : I do too

I agree Pixelthief . Also TDC badly needs some oddballs and characters like we used to have in the past, to make the community more fun than it is...
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Posted by CYS 23rd September, 2011

i posted a comment there a decade ago and i've no idea what i mean now :/.
Posted by Buster 27th September, 2011

Hello old friends.
Posted by Hagar 27th September, 2011

Hi Buster . Hope life is treating you well dude!
Posted by Hayo 27th September, 2011

Hello Buster


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