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GOTW Winner: Solar Rescue Densetsu by Kisguri
News posted 25th September, 2011 by Rikus  
Welcome to our new GOTW Sunday! The most recent GOTW winner was: Solar Resque Denetsu by Kisguri! Congrats to you sir!! Your new votes can now be placed for the following games:

Labrynth Of The Mechanical Heart**** Once in Space - flash**** Joe Snow**** That Really Hot Chick****

It has been a huge week for the site and hopefully you enjoyed the renewed activity on the front page! I do know that hopefully tomorrow both the active and GOTW links will return. Have a great week everyone and who knows what new games and surprises the next week will hold!!! I cannot wait what you all will bring to The Daily Click!

Posted by Strife 25th September, 2011

You're a lifesaver, Rikus. GOTW has been in the back of my mind for quite a while. ^^;

It's also good to hear that the lost links are making a return.
Posted by Rikus 25th September, 2011

No problemo!
Posted by Rikus 26th September, 2011

Once in space is currently taking the lead with 3 votes!
Posted by nim 26th September, 2011

Congrats TSAP, wherever you are!
Posted by Kisguri 26th September, 2011

FUNNY you say that Nim, cause Dan of the former TSAP to bring a brand new lander game to iOS!
Posted by Wackyjackie 26th September, 2011



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