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GOTW Winner: Once in Space - Hempuli
News posted 2nd October, 2011 by Rikus  
Welcome to another great GOTW Sunday! The most recent GOTW winner was: Once in Space by Hempuli! Congrats on a great game!! Your new votes can now be placed for the following 3 games:

AGwaK Adventures**** Mulder & Bolder and The End of The World**** Fragtura****

One of my favorite months is here October!! And with it i hope you will enjoy our kliktober festivities. In other site news as you may have noticed we moved the active page to the right including a small overview already on who is online without going into the page.

Thanks to Clubsoft we also added a very cool looking twitter/facebook/google bar included with every news post and download, so feel free to share your favorites with the world! Have a great fresh week everyone and keep checking in with the daily click, we will be right here for ya!

Posted by Rikus 2nd October, 2011

As you can see right above my comment, you see all the social links. Let me know if it works for everyone!
Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd October, 2011

Why do they only show up in the comments section?
Posted by Rikus 2nd October, 2011

Good point! I shall ask clubsoft for some clarification.


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