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Going back into The Daily Click <----- : MMF 2 day
News posted 7th October, 2011 by Rikus  
Every Friday I will take you back on a trip into the past. Today's old news post was a post of celebration. It was the day MMF 2 got released. One of the news posts with the highest number of comments on TDC it sure was an exciting day!

News posted 30th June, 2006 by Rikus As the darkness makes way for the sunlight, night turns to day here at the Daily Click Servers.. and this is not just any day.. Ohhhh no, today its JUNE 30th, the release date of Multimedia Fusion 2, The Games Factory 2 and, Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer!! Its a big date in the history of clicking and its time to celebrate!

Click here to read the full news post and all the comments!

Posted by UrbanMonk 7th October, 2011

You posted a going back post about that post twice now!
Not complaining or anything though, that was a good day!

Posted by Rikus 7th October, 2011

You know I thought I did, lol. Oh well it was a good day. Hopefully we will have another one with mmf3


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