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Kliktober 8th: Ghoul Boy
News posted 8th October, 2011 by Rikus  
Today we bring you Ghoul Boy from 2004 made by Lazarus This is one of the hardest Halloween games I have played so far, but yet I keep having the urge to try it again. I dare you to try and reach level 3 since I got not even beat the second level.... No wait, I double dare you! It is on!

You play Ghoul Boy, a ghost-child who eats spoooky doom-toast, who must find an amulet in Ghoulie Castle. This amulet can turn him mortal again! But to get it, he must face many of the castles perils and baddies, and finally face of with Ghoulie, who is the Amulet's gurdian! This game will be short but sweet, combinding old-school platforming with...I dunno...something else....

Click here to download Ghoul Boy!

Posted by Rikus 8th October, 2011

So after playing this game for a while.. I still have not beaten the second level! Arghhhhh
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th October, 2011

What the fuck? I made this when I was 15 or something.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th October, 2011

If I remember correctly, there's some easter egg somewhere where you can play an even worse game of mine that failed hard. Because when I was (14, apparently - 2004) I thought that counted as an easter egg.
Posted by Rikus 8th October, 2011

Hey Lazarus!!!! Hehehe. Did you try the game recently, cause i am now convinced it is almost impossible to reach the third level



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