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Kliktober 10th: Diabolika 2 by Derek Yu
News posted 10th October, 2011 by Rikus  
How can any day be complete without an puzzle game? Well today we have Diabolika 2 created by Derek Yu. This is a puzzle game with a great scary theme, how can you go wrong with that?

On a 1212 board, five demons are randomly placed. Your task is to kill them all, using various tiles with different effects. These tiles will, within their range, destroy demons and trigger other tiles. Since you get eight tiles but can ignite (trigger) only two of them, you will have to try to create chain reactions.!

Click here to download Diabolika 2

Posted by Chris Burrows 10th October, 2011

Was this made with MMF?
Posted by danjo 11th October, 2011

no, but the first one was.. it had a few bugs which could have been solved using some of todays extensions/techniques though.
still both diabolika and dibolika2 are awesome games.


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