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Kliktober 11th: House of the Boué
News posted 11th October, 2011 by Rikus  
What is that sound? Oh yes it is the sound of Zombies! Zombies have invaded your home town and it is your job to get rid of them. Grab your weapon and get into the action with House of the Boue The game is not overly long but it is perfect to play in this month of horror!

Here is a play of reflexion/action. With the boué team you must save your city of the zombies. original graphics and humour are in this play.!

Click here to download House of the Boué

Posted by markno2 11th October, 2011

Posted by MasterM 11th October, 2011

Posted by Rhys D 12th October, 2011

im guessing its so he could include the skull, which has been in every number so far
Posted by Rikus 12th October, 2011

Right on, Rhys d!


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