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Kliktober 12th: Zombie Hunt
News posted 12th October, 2011 by Rikus  
Do not be fooled by their 2d pixel cuteness! the zombies in Zombie Hunt are just as deadly! Originally created for the 2008 20-event compo this game still stands out as a fun zombie game created by Ricky

In this game, you play as a dude in a hat named “Zombie Hunter”. The object of this game is to get your magically recharging “green gun” and kill all of the zombies. There are 2 Zones for you to play in and several items for you to collect.!

Click here to download Zombie Hunt
Remember if you know of an Halloween themed or scary game, let me know so we can share it with everyone!

Posted by Cecilectomy 12th October, 2011

wtf are you talking about?
Posted by Videogameget 12th October, 2011

at the start up screen.
Posted by Windybeard Games 12th October, 2011

Posted by Rikus 12th October, 2011

Anyony seen the gotw poll? tetris is killing it!
Posted by Videogameget 12th October, 2011

Yeah i notice it! i voted to tetris too because i played and... "MIND-BLOWING"
Posted by s-m-r 13th October, 2011

I like Zombie Hunt; in my view, action games that have an "overheat" or limited ammo mechanic allow for more strategy and thought-out play as opposed to relying on button-mashing.

I had fun with this one ever since it first came out, Ricky.


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