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Kliktober 14th: ZDay20
News posted 14th October, 2011 by Rikus  
Of course we had to include ZDay20 created by our very own Assault Andy and Jess Bowers. This was another GOTW winner and rightfully so!

It's been 20 days since the zombies first appeared. Now, the only important aspect of your life is survival. Scientifically speaking, the undead can't live forever unless they continue to feed on humans... or so we hope. Play one of two scenarios through the eyes of a ZDay survivor. Barricade yourself inside a tiny room and pray that you can last until tomorrow, or run out guns-a-blazing. It's up to you. But the end is near, so you may as well keep score.

Click here to download Zday 20

Posted by Ski 14th October, 2011

*Assault Andy and Jess Bowers
Posted by Rikus 14th October, 2011

-for shame on me- Fixed, sorry Jess! The game still holds pretty well today actually, folks should try it!
Posted by Assault Andy 14th October, 2011

Posted by Jess Bowers 14th October, 2011

Thanks, Adam.
Thanks, Rikus.
Thanks, Andy.



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