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News posted 14th October, 2011 by Rikus  
Every Friday I will take you back on a trip into the past, today we will talk about a very special Article. Back in 2002 DeadmanDines wrote an article on animating that is now the most viewed article on the daily click. There is plenty of valuable information about animating in this article and all the pictures are still working today. Be sure to give it a read!

Anyone can animate, ...So Let Me Show You How! Contrary to what many people may think, animation's not too tough to do well. It takes time, admittedly, but the results are well worth it. There's nothing like animation for pulling the player into your world.

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Posted by Jacob! 16th October, 2011

That's the article that taught me the number one rule of good animations: Stuff is connected to stuff. It should stay that way. Basically, joints should remain connected at the same spot all the time. That way, animations will always look proper, even if the effort given by the sprite looks a bit pathetic.
Posted by siven 17th October, 2011

i love this article! it helped me out with the fluidity of the movements on my animations, i still ahve a lot to learn, but this was super helpful
Posted by Tropik 17th October, 2011

Most helpful animation article on TDC ever!
Posted by DeadmanDines 16th December, 2011

Wow, I never even knew this news post was made!
Thanks Rikus Appreciated


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