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New Project And Demo - Ultimate World Creator
News posted 9th November, 2011 by The Chris Street  
For those of you who have been unaware of this project (which has admittedly crept up upon us during the last week or so), Neil Butcher has been developing a highly advanced level editor called Ultimate World Creator. The example videos in the project show how incredibly easy it is to create levels for top-down and platform games, and now Neil has released a feature-limited demo for testing purposes, which is well worth a look.

Comments from the Author:
"Ultimate World Creator is a new program for creating custom maps for your own games using custom tilesets. With Ultimate World Creator, you can make 16 x 16 tile-based maps with more functionality quicker than ever.

Use Ultimate World Creator to make maps for your own pre-existing engines. Create and load your own tilesets and use them to build entire worlds. Then, just by editing one tileset image, change everything with the click of a button. The quick, efficient interface and shortcut keys along with the advanced editing features like autotile make Ultimate World Creator one of the fastest and easiest ways to make levels for your games. "

Click here to view the project and read its comments

UPDATE: After leaving TDC overnight, it seems as though the program itself has some sort of virus built into it inadvertantly. Neil has stated that he's working on the problem, but if you are concerned, please think carefully before downloading.

UPDATE 2: Program is now free of viruses :)

Posted by danjo 10th November, 2011

Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

There are no viruses, spyware, or malware of any kind. Some antivirus programs will pick up on the exes as malware due to the way they work, not because they are bad.

There are no viruses.
Posted by danjo 10th November, 2011

i am currently fixing the basket case you just turned my system into.
DROPS A TROJAN, and infects every exe file.
will report more on exactly what this is doing.
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

I'm not sure if you're joking or if you seriously have some kind of infection, but I can assure you there is nothing like that in this download. What program is saying UWC is infected?
Posted by danjo 10th November, 2011

im VERY SERIOUS. im an IT technician, and just happen to take a look at this during lunch. AVG started flagging this as bad soon as i opened the zip file. knowing that sometimes mmf can give false positives, i decided to disable AVG and run it. WELL! i knew something wasnt right straight away. Turned AVG back on, and what a nightmare. the trojan (which you most likely have on your system) infects exe's (which is why both exe's you have are infected) just run rampant and systematically go thru your system. Im currently fixing the affected system now - i think the first thing it attacks is utiliman.exe
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

I will look into it. I am also an IT technician. You are the only one who has informed me of this issue, and since you are obviously not just some idiot, I will seriously look into this. The download will be temporarily unavailable until I can assure no infected files. - UPDATE: FILES ARE CLEAN AND ONLINE
Comment edited by Neil Butcher on 11/10/2011
Posted by danjo 10th November, 2011

do you have any antivirus on your system? id advise running the latest version of malwarebytes antimalware, and probably combofix (from bleeping computers)
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

I have freshly updated Malwarebytes Antimalware, and have scanned the UWC files multiple times with no infections. I have also done complete systems scans which resulted in no infections. I am currently doing more tests and scans. I haven't used ComboFix for a while, but I am running it now.

Are you positive the infection came from the UWC files?
Comment edited by Neil Butcher on 11/10/2011
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

Combofix log says everything is clean. Malwarebytes Antimalware says everything is clean. I ran the Ultimate World Creator files (the .zip from the website, the .zip, from my computer before uploading, both .exes in the .zip from online and the ones from my computer) through 51+ scanners and some said they are infected with misc different trojans, but they look like false positives. I cannot find anything related to utiliman.exe

I do not think the files on my computer, or the files on the UWC website are infected with anything.

I think the infection you have may have been there prior to downloading UWC, possibly in your Windows default utilman.exe, and when you turned of AVG, it started running rampant, possibly infecting the UWC files. I really don't know, but as far as I can find out through pretty thorough testing, the files on the site are not infected with anything.
Comment edited by Neil Butcher on 11/10/2011
Posted by danjo 10th November, 2011

i have scanned your zip, it says 3 infections. same infection types listed in my log of 34 it hit in just 3 minutes before i switched it off. it was infecting exe's. someone else may want to check the file. im going to run your file on a fesh machine shortly. then see what happens.
Posted by Cecilectomy 10th November, 2011


Danjo is a known troll and douchebag. Ignore him, there are no viruses in your program, not likely anyway.
Comment edited by The Cecilizer on 11/10/2011
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

Thanks for the tip Cecilizer.

I am sure that the infection didn't come from me, but I have created new, updated, virus free, exes and put them online.

Posted by danjo 10th November, 2011

hey cecil - feel free to run the program you fucking moron piece of shit.
<br />
i have fresh loaded a machine, and immediately it was detected. AVG2012 latest definitions. i wouldnt just say this for a joke.
redownloaded again, and AVG2012 flags again. i know it can show false positives, but it caused a massive problem already after running it.
im just fortunate to have an image of my work system which i can reload.
Comment edited by danjo on 11/10/2011
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

I'm sorry your having this problem danjo. I don't understand why, but thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I have been using it on 3 different computers, one with Windows XP, and two with Windows 7 and I haven't seen any problems. So far, no one else has told me they are having problems either.

If anyone else is experiencing problems like danjo's, please let me know.
Posted by danjo 10th November, 2011

i have sent your latest file to AVG. see what they make of it. i will send you the results whether its flagged as a false positive (which has been known to happen with MMF exe's).
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

Okay. Thank you.
Posted by Blue66 10th November, 2011

Can someone please ban danjo? Or kill him or something? For the sake of mankind. THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE WE CANT HAVE THIS IN OUR GENE POOL
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

It's no big deal. Danjo's problem seems legitimate, but I don't think it came from my files.

Let's keep things friendly. Danjo, don't even bother replying to such comments and lets refrain from such comments all together here. Sometimes a sense of humor doesn't send through the internet very well.
Posted by Cecilectomy 10th November, 2011

First off, danjo, you have been one of the biggest trolls in tdc history, so **** off. I also never denied your claims, read my post again you jackass.

But for once your claims are legitimate, but since all you do is troll, how do you expect any less of a response.

Now that he posted the files back up, i CAN run them. Both executables in the main download directory are infected. Windows Essentials claims it is Expiro.G virus. Cleaning the EXEs renders them useless as both a virus and an application.

May i suggest, that perhaps it is not a local problem but a remote problem. Infection can occur in various places, not just locally. Upload them somewhere besides your host. Email me the files directly as an attachement.
Comment edited by The Cecilizer on 11/10/2011
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

I noticed Windows Essentials picking up Expiro.G virus with the files also, but only on a different PC. I just scanned the files and the zip file with Windows Defender and MBAM again and still no infection. Keep in mind, these kind of files sometimes have false flags.

I'll e-mail them to you and upload them elsewhere.
Comment edited by Neil Butcher on 11/10/2011
Posted by Blue66 10th November, 2011

Okay, I take it back. Don't kill him. Mildly wounding him should be enough in this case.

Just noticed we have over 20 comments but not a single word about the actual program. WOW this usually only happens if Boss Baddie posts a new game!
Comment edited by Blue66 on 11/10/2011
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

Is the program working fine for you guys? Has anyone scanned the files and NOT found anything?
Posted by Dave C 10th November, 2011

I also get the virus alert, on the latest download.
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

What software is flagging the files as infected? If anyone has software that says these files are infected with malware, please let me know what program you're using.

I have been testing these files in numerous scanners, and haven't found any infection. Some programs give false flags. I will continue testing.
Comment edited by Neil Butcher on 11/10/2011
Posted by The Chris Street 10th November, 2011

I'll be keeping tabs on this throughout the day, I've updated the news post with a warning. I really hope you get it fixed, as it seems like a promising product, but if you can't then I'm afraid I'll have to delete this post and possibly any links to the UWC download.
Posted by tamtoum 10th November, 2011

the program is nice, but there has trojan

Symantec: W32.Kakavex
Mcafee: W32/Expiro
Kaspersky: Virus.Win32.Expiro.j
Sophos: W32/Expiro-A
VirusBuster: Win32.Expiro.B
Eset: Win32/Vint.A
Bitdefender: Win32.Kakavex.D

Posted by Dave C 10th November, 2011

i get the report with AVG anti-virus, 2 exe files
Posted by Ski 10th November, 2011

I can't believe Danjo is nearly my dad's age, he really suits TDC.
Posted by Chris Burrows 10th November, 2011

You've probably thought of this, but it is very unlikely your mfa is infected. Why not build open the mfa on a different computer, try building it and see if it still is infected.
Posted by Pixelthief 10th November, 2011

If your .mfa is not infect when before uploaded, but is after uploading, its possible your web host is (unknowningly) sabotaging it, as it is perfectly possible to modify an executable automatically to include a malicious package.
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

I realize that certain programs are flagging an Expiro Trojan. Does anyone have anything that suggests these are NOT false flags?

I can't find anything that shows the files are actually infected. I think they are false flags.

If anyone actually knows there is an infection (not just reading it in an antivirus program) please inform me immediately.

Just to stay on the safe side, I have uploaded the files on a different host. The files may still show some false flags.

Please don't post anymore about there being viruses in the files unless you see something more than a flag in a virus program.

The Chris Street - Thank you for your help with this.

Just so everyone knows, even though I think these are false flags, I'm still very thoroughly testing on multiple environments with multiple machines - I have yet to see any real infection.
Comment edited by Neil Butcher on 11/10/2011
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

Has anyone else not had any problems using UWC? Or has everyone been afraid to open the files?
Posted by Disthron 10th November, 2011

Ok, so besides the virus fiasco, is this a program for making maps and levels in Multimedia Fusion/Game Factory ect? If so I'd be interested to know how it might be implemented into an existing project or if you have to be using this from scratch.

I think something like this would be good to add to the stranded frame editor.
Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

Well, you use it along side MMF or TGF. It uses arrays and INIs to save all the data, then you can easily read that back into your games.

When the full version becomes available, it comes with a fully commented example engine to load and use the maps. It is just as easy to integrate it into a previous engine as it is to start with it.
Comment edited by Neil Butcher on 11/10/2011
Posted by Fordom 10th November, 2011

Infected file(s)

3 infections found.
Infection cathegory(s): various (3)
-[generic, various] (low threat)
- f2.eb.virus.archaic[generic, various] (medium threat)
- f73.ej.virus.archaic[generic, various] (low threat)

Posted by Neil Butcher 10th November, 2011

Fordom, what program is telling you this?

Also, is this just a scan of the downloaded UWC files?
Posted by Neil Butcher 11th November, 2011



Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 11th November, 2011

A bit late but yeah, I didn't get a warning I got the virus itself as I don't usually have an active antivirus running _ It was the expiro.j virus, it installed some crap called privacy.exe that faked an antivirus warning of lots of viruses and shit.

Annoying, but seems like it didn't do other harm. Still cleaning up all the mess as it spread over several files. Please people, check your files before uploading (and I should start checking 'em after downloading them, it seems...)
Posted by Neil Butcher 11th November, 2011

If this has caused anyone a problem, I apologize. The files were scanned before uploading and came back clean, so somewhere after that, the infection occured.

I can assure you all the files are clean now.
Posted by danjo 11th November, 2011

you can clearly see who the stupid people are here now. feel free to blindly make comments without actually running the program.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 11th November, 2011

No problem man, but as someone else mentioned before, I would watch closely that server of yours, doesn't seem to have very good ratings and I'm seeing it has been infected before... Just host' em on google sites, it's free and they'll be safe there.
Posted by Neil Butcher 11th November, 2011

Just in case, the file has be relocated to a different server.
Posted by mary leopord 11th November, 2011

nice info dear
Posted by UrbanMonk 11th November, 2011

mary leopord is a bot I think.

Just here to spam the free game links. Ugh.
Posted by Cecilectomy 11th November, 2011

It appears to be 100% virus free now. tested personally on 2 of my machines. a fresh pc, and my main pc.
Posted by Neil Butcher 11th November, 2011

Now that we have gotten that mess out of the way, Let's finally see some posts about the program.
Posted by Neil Butcher 12th November, 2011

The full version of Ultimate World Creator will be released next week! Check out the project page for more information.
Posted by alastair john jack 13th November, 2011

Pro tip everyone: AVG is a virus.
Posted by Dave C 14th November, 2011

I've used AVG for years and never had any trouble
Posted by Neil Butcher 14th November, 2011

Lets save the virus program talk for somewhere else. I still have not received any feedback about UWC.
Posted by Phredreeke 14th November, 2011

Posted by Neil Butcher 15th November, 2011

Forget about the virus talk - It is totally irrelevant.

UWC stands for Ultimate World Creator.


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