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New Release - Wilkanoid 2
News posted 30th November, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Back in 2001, a game was released to the click community. A game which, seemingly, was a simple Breakout clone. However, due to gameplay enhancements and a great level editor, it ended up in most individuals eyes as the greatest brick bashing game ever made with a Clickteam product. Now, some ten years later, the sequel has been released. Appearing through the mist is Wilhelm von Post, and accompanying him is Wilkanoid 2. Today is a happy day because a free version has been released to the world to download, something which I urge you all to do at the very least.

Comments from the Author:
"Remember those cool old classic games Arkanoid and breakout? If not then you've missed something! Those games have been entertaining people for over 25 years now, and they still do. Even many games released today dont equal their playability and lastability. It's amazing how such a simple game idea can get so annoyingly addictive. Well, Wilkanoid is similar to these games, but with lots of additions and changes! I'm not saying its better than the originals, just that Wilkanoid adds new features as well as keeps the old good ones."

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Posted by One Man Army Games 30th November, 2011

This game looks great! kinda like brick break to me lol. I hope I'll be able to play this soon.
Posted by markno2 30th November, 2011

Looks good, but it has an installer.
Posted by Rhys D 1st December, 2011



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