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New Game: Treasure Adventure Game
News posted 19th December, 2011 by Jon Lambert  
Looking for a game to distract you from silly old things like Skyrim and Clickteam taking over development of Tormishire? Well it looks like Klayman's latest epic is just the thing for you! Get ready for Treasure Adventure Game, where you'll pilot your little ship around, looking for treasure and dreams, and maybe ponder the game as a metaphor for your life's journey. Should you fail at that last part, you can at least enjoy some platforming. Take it away, Klayman!

Comments from the author: Treasure Adventure Game is a retro-inspired, open world, 2D, platform adventure game. It's a love story to the games of my youth that gave me countless hours of joy. TAG could most easily be described as a unique mash-up of Super Mario Bros 2 and Wind Waker.

I like both those games. Be excited! Click here to download Treasure Adventure Game! Click it now!

Posted by Windybeard Games 19th December, 2011

Clickteam developing Tormishire you say.... hmmmmm interesting. Also still cant download the game
Comment edited by Windybeard Games on 12/19/2011
Posted by The Chris Street 19th December, 2011

So Kisguri's involved... are Clickteam as a company working on this or is it a Gamesare project? Not sure that should be mentioned in this particular news post though as it detracts from the greatness of this game.
Comment edited by The Chris Street on 12/19/2011
Posted by Del Duio 19th December, 2011

WOW, Clickteam's taking over a game project?? Do you think they paid James for the rights because they see maketing it for themselves as a good business move? (It probably is). Imagine all the press that will get CT, what an unexpected but awesome move!

EDIT: Sorry, Circy you're right. Treasure Adventure game deserves the spotlight here. It's a great game so far! I was able to download it the other day without problems.
Comment edited by Del Duio on 12/19/2011
Posted by Alonso Martin 19th December, 2011

I don't think it was bought to be finished; it might be that it was bought to be studied and taken apart to be used in other games. A game of mine was "bought" in much the same way and never finished.
Posted by Don_Sotto 19th December, 2011

Well, i didn't have an opportunity to play the game more than 20 minutes, but it's not hard to see, that it's a well done video game .

Anyway: what about GoTW voting? Is it going to finish?
Posted by The Chris Street 19th December, 2011

I would argue that GOTW has probably had its day. Not enough is submitted these days, often it gets overlooked/forgotten about and it doesn't instigate the feeling of achievement that it once did.

But who knows...
Posted by Toadsanime 20th December, 2011

Oh, good to see people are carrying on with making updates what with all the commotion recently.

Treasure Adventure Game is indeed a great game, even if its title does make it sound a bit generic. The Tomishire news is certainly a bit odd.

And I'd say drop GOTW for now, it hasn't really got much purpose right now and it's been lacking for ages anyway. Bring it back if need-be but don't feel instigated to do it every week.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 20th December, 2011

Great game, with some annoying parts, but very well done, tons of fun. I'm really impressed. Good job! Congrats! I'm on the last boss battle, hope to finish it on the next days (very busy atm)
Posted by Don_Sotto 20th December, 2011

The Chris Street: I guess there is a lot of true in your opinion, but I was talking about this exact GoTW competition, the last one - are you going just to leave it undone?
Posted by AndyUK 21st December, 2011

I know loads of Stuff about Tormishire and Really Big Sky and thought I would brag about it. I doubt James would want me to say.

There's also loads of stuff I don't know due to various NDAs.
Posted by Ski 21st December, 2011

'Clickteam' being Kisguri who always thought Tormishite was going to be a Gamesare game anyway, lol.
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 21st December, 2011

I thought I should mention this (regardless of peoples opinions on Jon's news article or the games) but I think it's good that Jon Lambert got the news moving again . It seems like Jon and Circy are the TDC news saviours at the moment .
Comment edited by ..::hagar::.. on 12/21/2011
Posted by Carnivorous id 21st December, 2011

Great game so far. Definitely deserves to be in the game of the week archives.
Posted by Kisguri 21st December, 2011

Treasure Adventure Game = Awesome, So focus on that! However for those who can't stop talking about Tormi, I was working on it, but gave it back to James who is going to retool the whole thing from the ground up, I was attempting to iOS port it, but his code for the game was so complex, that anything I ended up with in iOS would have been a slim facsimile of the original work. I really he hope he finishes it as it has a neat story and cool gameplay. In addition to get ready for CT at GDC this year I have three new iOS titles in the pipe line, Jungle Shooter (Port), Fading Suns Noble Armada and Titanfall...

again though, Treasure Adventure Game = Awesome!


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