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Happy New Year - Random Tidbits
News posted 3rd January, 2012 by The Chris Street  
Firstly, I'd like to wish all at TDC a Happy New Year. Over the last few days we have had a considerable number of submissions, but due to the holiday period, I at least have not had the opportunity until now to look at them properly. You will find two golden news posts below this one! That makes three in one whole day!

  • Right, so 2011 didn't end too promisingly, with the departures of OMC and Rikus, and the initial concern about the future of TDC hanging in the balance (I admittedly, and probably prematurely, created a "Save TDC" Facebook page). TDC at the current time looks to be in a stale environment, but I do ask you all to hang in there - the site will almost certainly be shaken up fairly soon. TDC is not set to close for the foreseeable future. But I do conceed that change is necessary, if not in website design, then in the administration of the site. I do urge you all to please be as patient as possible :)

  • In other news, Clickteam recently hinted on their Facebook page ( that the MMF2 XNA runtime release is very imminent. How soon? Who knows? :)

  • It is Clickteams Andos birthday today. Unless you are reading this on any other date than January 3rd. Happy birthday Andos!

  • Jason Darby has relaunched his website Castle Software. Jason, as we know, has released several iOS games, and written many books on game design, all of which can be found here.

  • The Newgrounds Christmas Competition has had numerous entries created with Clickteam products. Check them out HERE and see what scores were given to them.

    That's enough news for the moment. Happy New Year!

  • Posted by viva/volt 3rd January, 2012

    It's the 4th here now but - Happy Birthday Andos regardless!
    Posted by Fordom 3rd January, 2012

    how come my game wasn't?
    Posted by Marko 4th January, 2012

    Happy birthday Andos.... and OMC left too? I missed that one, such a shame, he was another great admin and contributor to the front page
    Posted by Hagar 4th January, 2012

    Happy Birthday Andos.

    Shame to see OMC go, he was a good guy.
    Posted by twiterror 4th January, 2012

    p... e... ndrive
    Posted by Ecstazy 21st January, 2012

    Wait, what? Rikus and OMC left? Are there any goodbye posts?


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