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Project Update: A Life of an Unusual Toaster
News posted 10th January, 2012 by Jon Lambert  
If you haven't been lurking in the projects section lately, please allow me to draw your attention to Poobical's latest. After the original Mr. Toast project didn't go over too well with his professors, he redesigned it as A Life of an Unusual Toaster, the red-and-black gritty tale of a toaster on a mission. You can check out the dramatic transformation on his project page.

Comments from Poobical: The game is about a living toaster that has to save this world from evil smiling goons, he does this by spitting out toast. The game is going to be a short little game because I'm actually making it for a part of my coursework 'ere at university. I'm hoping to port it to flash, when I get around to buying the flash exporter. Anyway yeah it's going to have around 20 shortish levels and a handful of bosses to defeat. It shall be out and playable by the end of March. (That's when my deadline is.) Everything you see except the sprites are hand-drawn. Yup.

Click here to check out A Life of an Unusual Toaster.

Posted by Cecilectomy 10th January, 2012

what the hell is wrong with his professors!? Mr Toast looked good. As does this, but it's completely different in almost all regards.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 10th January, 2012

I personally prefer Mr Toast to ALoaUT(!). This looks good indeed, but it's not the kind of game I'd play. Perhaps return to Mr Toast when this is done?
Posted by MasterM 10th January, 2012

graphic wise this looks sexy as fuck
as a german ive to say

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF for Z and X or Z and Y controls or whatever it is.

could anyone on planet earth PLEASE stop using that and just do X&C like any smart people do nowadays. anything with Z makes me want to shoot people (since Im on a qwertz keyboard its a royal pain in the anus)

/rent over

Really love the graphical style / what I can see so far. This dirty / grunge style is lovely and the charater reminds me of Super Meat Boy or something. good luck on that one.

also we all know the most unusual toaster goes Huzzah! and is named Balrog.
Posted by Cecilectomy 11th January, 2012

no cause i would assume more people use qwerty. a more reasonable request is to ask that people implement custom key bindings.
Posted by markno2 11th January, 2012

I still prefer using shift and control.


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