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Hagar’s weekly round up #1 26/2/12 - 4/3/12!
News posted 4th March, 2012 by Hagar  
It’s Sunday, I hope everyone has had a relaxing day , a good week, and that the “Sunday Lunch” paralysis affects are wearing off.

Anyway, old man Hagar digresses! Every Sunday I hope to summarise on things that have occurred on the Daily Click within the last week that may have slipped by, or things I think deserve a bit more notice.

So without further ado...

Downloads :

Nastyman has been busy this week, releasing two flash games via mochigames. Firstly he has released a platformer called ”Cheese Sandwich 2”, where you have to rescue your boyfriend from chocolate sandwiches (which look ever so suspiciously like chocolate éclairs).
Click here to play and comment on “Cheese Sandwich 2”

His second game is a flash racing game called ”Micro Drive”, which in some ways reminds me of a Tomy racing game toy I had as a child.
Click here to play and comment on “Micro Drive”

There has also been two simulators submitted this week. Firstly Mr Hexagon has released a life (or death simulator as he likes to put it!) called Death Factor .
Click here to download and comment on “Death Factor”

Finally Jamesh has submitted a little world ecosystem simulator called ”The Night World”. With a bit of polish I think this could make for a truly intriguing screen saver.
Click here to download and comment on “The Night World”


Sketchy uploaded an excellent example of how to snap a tile to an isometric grid. Well worth grabbing a copy of this example for future reference!
View the forum thread about snapping to an isometric grid


s-m-r, posted last week about the Pirate Kart V event that is occurring at the Glorious Trainwrecks website. There is still time left to participate (GDC 12 runs from this Monday to Friday), and it hardly takes any time at all to do so. The events goal is simple : make a game in an approximately 2 hours and submit it, but be sure to keep your fellow TDC residents in the know by posting in s-m-r’s thread about your creations here !

That’s it for this week folks :)

Posted by Pixelthief 6th March, 2012

Hope to see anyone at Clickteam's booth at the GDC this year!
Posted by Fish20 7th March, 2012



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