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New iOS Game - Running Free
News posted 7th March, 2012 by The Chris Street  
Former DC Admin and resident Clickteam forum moderator David Newton has created a new and innovative game for the iPhone and iPad. Called Running Free, the game involves a character (randomly called Geoffrey), who cannot stop running. You control his field of gravity by twisting the iPhone/iPad around in order to achieve completion. Just don't do it on the bus, otherwise you might look like a bit of a lunatic...

Comments from the Author:
"Can you think in four directions at once? Running Free will show you how...

Turn your iPhone or iPad to change the levels' gravity, and guide Geoffrey the stickman safely through over 70 challenging and dangerous levels."

Click here to purchase the game (it's only $0.99, no excuses!)

Posted by nim 8th March, 2012

I like the idea but this game runs REALLY slow on my iPod Touch. I tried to post in the CT forums but apparently my comment has to be approved my an admin, which hasn't happened (in 3 days?) Well David, hope you see this, and congratulations on releasing another game!
Posted by nim 18th March, 2012

Never mind, my comment was approved and now appears on the forum page. Only took a week!


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