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New Game - Steel Knights
News posted 28th March, 2012 by The Chris Street  
Ben Warren has submitted a fantastic looking dungeon crawling game called Steel Knights. It was coded in Java and created in seven days - quite a remarkable feat.

Comments from the Author:
"Steel Knights is a RogueLike dungeon crawler. This means that once you die, you are dead, and there is no saving or coming back. However! This also means that every time you play, the game is a different experience. Levels are randomly generated, enemies are randomly generated, and treasure is random and abundant. Explore three seperate worlds, fight four bosses and almost thirty enemies, and try to unravel the mystery of the Thunderchild."

Click here to download the game and view its comments

Posted by Ben Warren 29th March, 2012

I hate to contradict - but it's coded fom scratch in Java - just hosted on an RPG Maker site
Posted by The Chris Street 29th March, 2012

I shall correct!
Posted by Ben Warren 30th March, 2012

You star


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