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New game Coloropus
News posted 30th March, 2012 by Hagar  
Eugene Wolfson has submitted a game on behalf of his independent team Pigsels Media today called Coloropus. The game revolves around the use of colour and physics to solve puzzles, fight foes and the alike in his quest to rescue his beloved.

Thankfully Eugene has provided a demo for everyone to play, as the game will be sold on numerous digital distribution systems as well as being being sold retail.

A really well presented and polished game that has already won two trophies at a game creation contest, it's well worth checking out!

Condensed comments from Eugene Wolfson of Pigsels Media:

Coloropus is an underwater themed adventure/puzzle game about a little color-addicted octopus.
-- Gameplay is based on solving color mixing and physics puzzles -- player can explore large ocean world, fight with foes, collect upgrades and interact with NPCs and environment.
-- No use of spoken and written language.
-- There is karma system in game -- if Coloropus dies he goes either to Heaven or Hell depending on playing style. Player can return to the place he ended up dying after successful escape and resurrection.
-- Underwater atmosphere is carefully grained and sustained -- dozens of beautiful hand-drawn locations scattered around the sea from peaceful and calm places down to deep, dark and creepy labyrinths going hand by hand with a number of corresponding ambient soundtracks.

Click here to download and comment on Coloropus

Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 16th April, 2012

That screenshot makes me feel like the turtle is about to bob its head up and down, burst into a rap, and lay down some fancy sick dance moves.


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